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L2 Power Leveling

Lineage 2 Power Leveling Notes:

For profession transfer, please provide us with the your desired profession in the comment blank at checkout page.

We might require some adena to buy items or potions to level up.

PL Category:


Custom Order--Custom Power Leveling Quote

Current Level: Desired Level:
Price: USD$ 5299.50 Estimated Time: Approximately 154 Days
L2 Power Leveling Estimated Time Price Select
L2 Powerleveling -12hours    12 Hours USD$ 25.20
USD$ 20.16
L2 Powerleveling -24hours    1 Day USD$ 50.00
USD$ 40.00
L2 Powerleveling 1-40    1 Day USD$ 42.00
USD$ 33.60
L2 Powerleveling 1-50    1 Day 6 Hours USD$ 52.00
USD$ 41.60
L2 Powerleveling 50-70    1 Day USD$ 49.09
USD$ 39.27
L2 Powerleveling 1-70    1 Day 18 Hours USD$ 87.50
USD$ 70.00
L2 Powerleveling 70-75    20 Hours USD$ 40.00
USD$ 32.00
L2 Powerleveling 75-80    2 Days USD$ 100.00
USD$ 80.00
L2 Powerleveling 80-85    6 Days 6 Hours USD$ 315.00
USD$ 252.00
Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!
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