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Using Player Auction mode,Recommend to use “User-defined Purchase”,And please read the following steps carefully
1. The total amount of the players’ buy now price equal to your order, 3 days remaining time
2. Set a special starting price over the certain price made by the system
3. Each order, you could list more than 1 player. If you list the same players ≧ 1, please fill the exact number of the players you list in “Quantity of listed players”;If you list different players, please click “Add more players” to fill the players’ information.
Note: The transaction fees of 5 % on the part of EA are to be borne by you.

Xbox 360



USD$ 0

Amount Price Discount Add to cart
Player Auction 30K
USD$ 2.58
Player Auction 40K
USD$ 3.44
Player Auction 50K
USD$ 4.30
Player Auction 60K
USD$ 5.15
Player Auction 80K
USD$ 6.87
Player Auction 100K
USD$ 8.59
Player Auction 200K
USD$ 17.18
Player Auction 300K
USD$ 25.77
Player Auction 400K
USD$ 34.36
Player Auction 500K
USD$ 42.96
Player Auction 600K
USD$ 51.55
Player Auction 800K
USD$ 68.73
Player Auction 900K
USD$ 77.32
Player Auction 1000K
USD$ 85.91
Player Auction 1200K
USD$ 103.09
Player Auction 1500K
USD$ 128.87
Player Auction 2000K
USD$ 171.82
Player Auction 3000K
USD$ 257.73
Player Auction 4000K
USD$ 343.65
Player Auction 5000K
USD$ 429.56