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  • About Final Fantasy XIV Products
  • Final Fantasy XIV, a big MMORPG game, uses a currency called FFXIV Gil. IGXE is full stock in FFXIV gil. We dedicate ourselves to offer FFXIV you FFXIV Gil and various FFXIV Powerleveing service with cheapest prices and quality service. Choose us=cheap price, fast delivery and 100% satisfaction. Moreover, we also offers 24/7 live chat service.

    Final Fantasy XIV is the 14th MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) of the Final Fantasy series which was developed and published by Square Enix, currently FFXIV is available in Japanese, English, French, and German. Final Fantasy XIV firstly launched on September 30, 2010, in just 2 months, it received negative point views and heavy criticism from players and cementers about the game quality. Square Enix reshuffled the development team and began completely overhauling the game. Through defeating monsters, crafting items, and completing quests, players accumulate experience points (EXP) which, when a certain threshold is reached, automatically increments the player's level.The player's level affects attributes such as HP (health/hit points), MP (magic/mana points), and the amount of abilities available to them.

    To explore FFXIV world and equip your character however you wish, choosing from an impressive array of weapons and equipments, you will need FFXIV Gil. Opt for the best service and buy cheap FFXIV Gil from IGXE.COM.
  • Final Fantasy XIV News

Final Fantasy XIV Before the Fall Part 2 is the next content update of the game. Final Fantasy XIV Before the Fall Part 2 will be released on March 31, 2015. Are you getting ready for Before the Fall Part 2? Now it is time to buy FFXIV gil to wait for challenge in this new content update of FFXIV. What can you see in this content update?

In this content update, you will see the main scenario of Befor the Fall in FFXIV. A great wyrm's roar echoes through the skies of Coerthas, calling all dragonkind to war. Moreover, players will need to defend the Gates of Judgement, which is Ishgard’s outermost defense. With the city's very survival in the balance, the tide of war may lead to that the city fall or rise.

FFXIV dragon Vishap

In addition, you will find the Steps of Faith. Steps of Faith, the sole, means of approaching the city of Ishgard. As well as providing passage across the Sea of Clouds, this great stone bridge also serves to anchor the series of arcane wards known as Daniffen's Collar. In other words, the dragon Vishap is ready to lead the assault on the Steps of Faith. Surrounded by lesser dragonkin, players are called to help defeat the gathering forces. What is more, the outermost layer of protection has been dispelled, allowing the mighty dragon Vishap to land upon the far end of the Steps of Faith.

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