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    As we know, the FFXIV Gil is highly needed for most of Final Fantasy XIV players since it is very necessary when playing the game. There are a lot of things that players need buy with FFXIV Gil, such as the Armors or Accessories, which may cost a lot of FFXIV Gil, some of them are even unsaleable in game. And Bomb Palanquin, one of the hottest Flying Mount in Kobold, which costs 120000 FFXIV Gil. Almost all the players want to have one. Besides, the skills leveling also need a large consumption of Final Fantasy XIV Gil especially for your profession in game.

    The followings are the latest updates for the Final Fantasy XIV:

    [3.0]: These additions and adjustments require the purchase and registration of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward.
    [2.0]: These additions and adjustments do not require the purchase of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward.
    [2.0][3.0]: These additions and adjustments contain elements that may require the purchase and registration of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward.
    [3.3]: patch 3.3 just released that made changes to the overall content of the game, battle system, particular items, the system on which the game is played upon, and even resolved many bugs and issues people were having with the game.
     [3.45]:  Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.45 brings a number of additions and refinements to the realm, including the levels 51-200 of the Palace of the Dead, a deep dungeon scoring system and the next step in the anima weapon chain.

    Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood : The latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV -  Stormblood  released on June.20 this year, bringing new Dungeons and Raids, along with a very pricey Collector's Edition.
    Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.01 is coming to us soon, are you looking forward to it?

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In an enormous ten-minute trailer, Square Enix moves over everything that is going to be available in the patch, 3.5.  This is available in two segments. It occurs prior to the new expansion, Strom-blood. To make the character become well equipped, gamer requires having huge FFXIV Gil. Gil helps gamer arrange all sorts of weapons, armors and other items. An equipped character acts well in the different aspects of the gameplay of FFXIV.  

There are many things to receive. These include new trial, additional dungeons, more hairstyles, another twenty-four individual raid, extra quest-lines; summon glamors, an expanded Diadem zone, and others. At the same time, most of the higher-concluded content is finished. This patch is to fundamentally funnel more individuals into the ending of Alexander.  Gamer can find huge role-playing and chill stuff to deal with prior to Stromblood becomes available. At this point, the team has just appended massive RP elements including housing developments. Gamer could spare some months for playing while setting foot in a dungeon never.  Cross-server regional cluster parties are to make breathe new life into that scene while beginning in 3.5. 

Patch 3.57 is to introduce several additions and refinements to Eorzea incorporating regulations to the anima weapon story quests, Alexander Savage and more.  The playable content includes the difficulty of gaining items needed to finish the anima weapon quests that have been decreased.  

The drop rate of Luminous Crystals has been reduced. The number of elementally aspected glowing crystals is required to replace for Astral Nodules and Umbral Nodules has been decreased from three of each to one of each. The number of Crystal Sand gained when exchanging items with Ulan has been enhanced between one and two.  The number of Allagan tomestones of lore needed in exchange for Singing Clusters has been reduced between 150 and 80.  The number of Singing Clusters gained on finishing the quest while seeking inspiration has been enhanced between 10 and 18. Visiting the nearest online gaming house helps gamer buy FFXIV Gil affordably.  

battle method  

The weekly restriction upon Alexandrian Gears gained on finishing Alexander.  The Soul of the Creator has been removed. The number of Alexandrian Gears needed in exchange for Micro Tomestones has been decreased between seven and four. The strength of the Echo permitted in Alexander has been enhanced.  

The Echo is to take effect on getting into Alexander, Savage while enhancing the maximum HP of players, damaging dealt and healing magic potency by fifteen percent.  In comparable to the other cases, the strength of the Echo is not to enhance in the occasion as all party associates are harmed. Players can now stand in the line to get into the different trials through the Duty Finder. The trials are The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign, Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme), The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage and Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme).

Dun Scaith has been regulated in the specific manner. The weekly limitations on prizes gained from coffers have been eliminated. The weekly limitations on gaining Mhachi Shillings have been eliminated. Visiting the nearest online gaming house helps gamer avail cheap FFXIV Gil with the latest news on FFXIV.   




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