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Kraken Club    USD$ 399.00
Umbral Marrows * 5    USD$ 299.99
Alexandrite * 250    USD$ 33.98
Tzustes Knife    USD$ 8.00
Umbral Marrows    USD$ 69.90
Razorfury    USD$ 36.90
Hagneia Stone    USD$ 5.69
Aceso's Choker    USD$ 5.69
Pamun    USD$ 49.00
Akaso    USD$ 4.50
Airlixir +2    USD$ 13.54
Atinian Staff    USD$ 18.90
Senbaak Nagan    USD$ 33.98
Dux Cuisses +1    USD$ 18.84
Duplus Grip    USD$ 159.90
Lu Shang's Fishing Rod    USD$ 22.69
Killedar Shield    USD$ 33.98
Savory Shank    USD$ 33.98
Jug Of Honey Wine    USD$ 7.32
Ormolu Ingot    USD$ 33.98
Scarletite Ingot    USD$ 22.65
Beastly Shank    USD$ 11.89
Gabbrath Horn    USD$ 15.16
Hatzoaar Sword    USD$ 13.90
Airlixir    USD$ 4.78
Airlixir +1    USD$ 4.78
Dynamic Belt +1    USD$ 7.99
Dynamic Belt    USD$ 4.50
Pak Corselet    USD$ 7.99
Montiont Silverpiece    USD$ 6.95
Ninurta's Sash    USD$ 68.72
Bloodthread    USD$ 4.78
Midrium Ore    USD$ 4.96
Miodio Gloves    USD$ 27.07
Windbuffet Belt    USD$ 18.65
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell    USD$ 13.90
Faithful's Torso I    USD$ 4.78
Calmecac Trousers    USD$ 14.68
Tomonari    USD$ 11.09
Petrified Log    USD$ 4.96
Umbril Ooze    USD$ 7.32
Heavy Metal    USD$ 4.78
Faithful's Legs II    USD$ 4.78
Twitherym Wing    USD$ 4.96
Black Sole * 5    USD$ 4.78
Midrium Ingot    USD$ 4.96
Ordelle Bronzepiece    USD$ 4.96
Tukuku Whiteshell * 20    USD$ 4.96
Liminal Residue    USD$ 4.96
100 Byne Bill    USD$ 6.95
1 Byne Bill    USD$ 4.78
Soulflayer Staff    USD$ 4.96
economizer    USD$ 19.98
Menhit Leggings    USD$ 6.77
Grim Cuirass +1    USD$ 6.95
Grim Cuirass    USD$ 6.77
Yhel Jacket    USD$ 6.95
Yhel Jacket+1    USD$ 22.79
Nanatsusaya    USD$ 7.32
Futsuno Mitama    USD$ 329.00
Juogi +1    USD$ 58.72
Juogi    USD$ 10.98
Hachiryu Kote    USD$ 13.90
Hachiryu Sune-Ate    USD$ 13.90
Herald's Gaiters    USD$ 96.50
Bellona's Ring    USD$ 21.89
Ear - Novio Earring    USD$ 33.84
Finger - Demonry Ring    USD$ 4.78
Head - Versa Celata +1    USD$ 13.54
Ear - Flock Earring    USD$ 6.77
Waist - Pipilaka Belt    USD$ 4.96
Head - Amanita Hairpin    USD$ 6.70
Hands - Melaco Mittens    USD$ 5.50
Legs - Calmecac Subligar    USD$ 12.90
Legs - Menhit Slacks    USD$ 6.77
Legs - Genie Lappas    USD$ 10.98
Dagda's Shield    USD$ 5.93
Akupara Shell    USD$ 4.78
Weapons - Oberon Bullet Pouch    USD$ 4.50
Fulcrum Pole    USD$ 6.95
Numen Staff    USD$ 12.29
Metasoma Katars    USD$ 6.95
Jingang Hose    USD$ 6.70
Jingang Greaves    USD$ 4.96
Neck - Rancor Collar    USD$ 4.96
Earrings - Roundel Earring    USD$ 26.90
Gnadgott    USD$ 6.77
Impatiens    USD$ 8.34
Demonry Core    USD$ 4.78
Fracas Grenade    USD$ 8.34
Draca Couse    USD$ 6.95
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