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  • About Elsword Online Products
  • Elsword Online ED is the money in the RPG game Elsword Online, which is used to trading with the NPC and other gamers for Elsword Online Items. Now IGXE offers the cheap Elsword Online ED for sale to gamers all over the world!

    Elsword Online is a free-to-play, 2D side-scrolling MMORPG developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios. Elsword Online is a 2D fantasy side-scrolling MMORPG made by the same developers behind Grand Chase and published by Kill3r Combo in North America. The game is driven by story-based action. Players in Elsword Online will role-play anime-styled characters, slaying monsters, raising pets and exploring dungeons by the quest line. The graphics show great artworks and the combat is vivid with animation, buzzing with shiny lights and beating with rhythmical music. And with balanced class design, players can enjoy greater fun in the cooperative group fight. Yet the combat is somewhat repetitive and lack of challenge on the whole.In Elsword Online players may choose from three characters and enter dozens of quests in co-op mode or take part in PvP duels in arenas. El sword is the main character, an ambitious knight with a short fuse that exceeds in physical attack.

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  • Elsword Online News

Now buying the Elsword Online Ed to arm the new dual characters and find out all about the unique pair. Earn the dual weapons for the character Luciel! We know that Elsword has launched a number of new character types for gamers to explore.


According to the official news, there is a whole new style of combat has been introduced to Elsword. Despite being two characters, players share one skill tree yet how each unique skill functions depends on which character is in combat. Certain skills can be used to switch between characters to increase their Combination Gauge, but it’s up to players to keep tabs on skill interactions.

We can know that each character has their own specific attack style too with Ciel attacking from range and Lu letting loose.

Just take part in these exciting events of Elsword for the character of Luciel! You know that in order to start, you should watch out for the Fruit of Growth quest item, as that is going to be your key to a quest series that supports you through the levels with awesome +10 grade dual weapons. Don’t forget to buy cheap Elsword Online Ed on IGXE.com to well play the game with the characters.

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