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Neople is introducing Dungeon Fighter Online and it comes back to the life with kicking off the open beta on the last 24 March. Dungeon Fighter Online comes out as a free-to-play 2D side scrolling fighting MMOG in which the players have to hack-and-slash their path with a linear way to engage in overcoming the boss and champion monsters. There are the controls that are easy and perhaps effective with the eight directions of movement, assigned invasion, jumping and apply the skilling buttons. Through accumulating and spending Skill, Style, and technique points, the characters can go for advancing. Gold is the in-game currency of Dungeon Fighter Online and Dungeon Fighter Online Gold can helps the gamers procure the best weapons and armors to decorate the characters while taking part in the diverse missions, quests and other tasks in the gameplay of DFO.


The available classes of Dungeon Fighter Online include male fighter, female gunner, slayer, female fighter, male gunner, mage, and priest. The professions include enchanting, animation, alchemy, or disassembly. The difficulty levels in dungeon include King’s Road, Master’s Road, Expert’s Road are included. The gamers can go for purchasing cheap DFO Gold from the online gaming house, IGXE.Com to level up their character in the faster succession. Dungeon Fighter Online comes out as an identical to classic 2D side-scrolling arcade hack-and-slash games like Double Dragon and Golden Axe.

The players are to pass through 2D screens while battling with the hordes of monsters. There are two meters in the Characters. These include HP meter and MP meter. The HP meter diminishes when the foes strike the player and the MP meter diminishes upon applying a skill. Similarly, the items can start both or one once. The player can run into the eight classes possible directions with Joypad or arrow keys and invasions, jumping or application of skills by pressing the assigned key or button. If the gamers do not gather the items in grinding or leveling, they can procure safe DFO Items in the most affordable cost from a very reliable and professional gaming house, IGXE.Com. The items can help you decorate your character to take part in the diverse missions and aspects of the game.

Skills can be sketched on an upper row of hotkeys. These can be additionally expanded by the decision of the player. Conversely, a player can select to manually provide the input of the command to execute a specific skill. It is a Blade Master that can opt for pressing the assigned hotkey for the skill drawing Sword. However, it can select to execute its direct input. There is the directly inputting of the skill and it makes the skill cost being less than MP. It lowers the cooldown of the skill by a tiny amount. Buy DFO Gold from IGXE.Com to bypass the mental stress and save time in grinding gold when you frequently fail to accumulate the reasonable amount of drops. The skills are normally executed separately from the normal combos. Conversely, the purchasing of skills known as ‘cancel’ for the specific skills, those skills are to be applied in the heart of a usual invasion. The gamer can figure out the social aspect to Dungeon Fighter Online integrating Guilds, PvP Arenas, Mentorship, and Party Play.

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