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    Darkfall is a revolutionary MMORPG which was just been released.It is fast paced, PvP centered, MMORPG with full loot that combines Real Time Action and Strategy in a fantasy setting. It has no levels or tiers, instances or any other restrictions. Thousands of players can participate simultaneously in wars and sieges on land and sea, in real-time, on a single server. It consists of both land and water and gives the freedom to players to uncover its hidden secrets. It contains two servers for Europe and North America. You can loot all of the goods from a slain enemy, and vice versa. You can fight with your clan against other clans and literally take their cities, with the help of siege weapons and warhulks. You can also fight on both land and sea; You can ride and fight on mounts, and even steal other people's mounts, you can craft armor, weapons and other items, build your own cities and kingdoms... You can attack anyone you want, and play both PvP (player vs. player) or PvE (player vs. environment).

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