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  • About Crowfall Products
  • Crowfall is a crowdfunded game supported by the pledges of over 22,000 backers. Currently it in pre-alpha, the game is expected to launch in December 2016. Crowfall Gold as the in-game currency can be Crowfall is a new type of online experience. We can call it a Throne War Simulator, and it's a mix of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) and a large scale strategic simulator of a fantasy world.

    The official website just finished HALLOWEEN SALE on November 1st that players can treat a friend to a 2015 Contributor pledge package for only $33 (regularly $38) or a 2015 Crowfall Gold pledge package on sale for $155 (regularly $175), the latter of which also includes admission to the Alpha 2 testing group - just in time for the Hunger Dome 1.1 pre-alpha test in November. Our web shop IGXE.com will sell Crowfall Gold when the game released.

    Crowfall Gold can do great help for your characters in game especially when the game just launched, usually Crowfall Gold well be pretty expensive during that time, but our web shop (IGXE.com) will promise to keep a stable price and try our best to provide you guys the cheapest Crowfall Gold.
  • Crowfall News

In Crowfall, there are plenty of changes inherent with Crowfall in development. All these changes like changes of Stronghold are to make people feel satisfied in the game. Crowfall Stronghold will be available for Crowfall gamers soon. Now come to stock Crowfall gold to prepare for building Stronghold in Crowfall.

Crowfall Stronghold

An introduction of Crowfall Stronghold
It is well-known that Crowfall has strategy elements. In the game, Crowfall Strongholds can put into Eternal Kingdoms, or have relationships with a single larger EK. Moreover, there are many types of Crowfall Stronghold in the game. You could find small version of Stronghold or medium version of crowfall stronghold and large version of crowfall stronghold in estate, fort, keep and Castle. Moreover, the same amount of overall land can be found in all three version of Crowfall Stronghold. The difference is that the large version of Crowfall Stronghold has more buildings. In addition, Strongholds can be bought or got by do quests. If you want to buy Crowfall Stronghold, you should stock enough Crowfall gold first.

Now come to play Crowfall with cheap Crowfall gold to have a look at different Crowfall Stronghold types. I believe that you must be interested in Stronghold gameplay. Buy cheap Crowfall gold to have more fun in the game.

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