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  • About Call of Gods Products
  • Call of Gods is a free-to-play game of MMORPG and SLG genre with a background story of wars among the Gods which based on web browser. You can play a role of yourself to finish challenges of many tasks there. Also you can develop your castle and deploy your army force. It’s the first combination of elements of RPG and SLG in browser-based game.
    The equipment system and the hero collection system are the most interesting points. In this game, you are only human, not strong as Gods; it’s not your area of expertise to fight in the battlefield. So you can and you need recruit a variety of talented heroes form the pub around the map, they will accompany you around, they also can learn various spells and fighting skills. The equipments are very important in any online games, so as the Call of Gods. And the equipments system is quiet interesting.
    You can enjoy the fighting and the stories full of the antiquity myth style, there are many stories in this game. In general, Call of Gods is a RPG game of classic type. You can play this game online and no need to download or set up. It also has the edition for iOS platform; you can play this game anytime and anywhere. It’s a nice idea to take out your iPad or iTouch when you need to take a rest. iPhone? Of course you can play it on your iPhone which has iOS 4.0 or above, but you know the screen of iPhone is a little small for this RPG game if your finger is normal.
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Call of Gods comes out as a free-to-play game of massively multiplayer online role-playing game and SLG genre with a background saga of wars among the Gods depended on the web browser. The gamer can play a role of you to conclude the confrontations of many tasks there. The gamer can also improve the castle and organize the army force. It is the first blending of ingredients of Role Play of Game and SLG in browser-depended game.

The in-game currency of Call of Gods is Call of Gods gold. The gamers can go for obtaining gold in grinding, questing, and the other aspects of the game.  To do well in these aspects, the gamer needs to equip their characters with the proper weapons and armors. Initially, it becomes difficult to collect all those equipments without sufficient gold. To compromise the immense demand of the gold, the gamers can purchase Call of Gods gold from igxe.com in the most affordable cost. The procured gold from IGXE helps the gamer adorn their characters fast and ultimately they level up their character in the faster succession.

The equipment method and the hero collection method are the most motivating points. In Call of Gods, the gamer is only the human. He is not powerful as God is. It is not the area of the expertise of the gamer to battle in the Warfield. Hence, the gamer needs to hire some variety of talented heroes from the pub all through the map. They are to accompany the gamer roughly. The hired heroes can also gain the knowledge of spells and fighting skills. The equipments are very vital in any online games. Hence, the Call of Gods follows the identical path. Moreover, the equipments method is appealing.

The gamer can enjoy fighting and sagas with full of the antiquity myth fashion. There are many sagas in this game. Generally, Call of Gods comes out as a Role Playing game of classic kind. The gamer can play this game in the internet and there is no need to download or setup. It also has the version for iOS platform. The gamer can play this game anytime and anywhere. It is nice impression to remove iPad or iTouch when the gamer needs to have some rest. The gamers can also play this game on their iPhone. It does have iOS 4.0. However, the gamer knows that the screen of iPhone or it is a small for this Role-playing game if the finger is usual of the gamer. The dungeons turn out to be obtainable when the character arrives at the level of ten. Each following ten levels releases another dungeon.

Getting into a dungeon, it uses up one dungeon key. Every player, each day can get into the six dungeons entirely. It is half of them for free dungeon key and half by applying items, Dungeon keys. Every dungeon does have three areas connecting through one-way-portals. In area, one is known as Dungeon Guardian. In every dungeon, there are always three bosses. These include two side-bosses and one main boss. On one occasion, there is inside the dungeon. There is a possibility that both side-bosses have generated the equivalent. In any dungeon, the gamer needs to equip his character with the proper weapons and armors. Gold helps accumulate these necessary weapons and armors. In the shortage of gold, the gamers can buy Call of Gods gold in the most affordable cost to shine the gameplay fast.

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