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  • About Continent of the Ninth Seal Products
  • Continent of the Ninth, which is also known as C9 or C9 Online, it is a full 3D action MMORPG, developed by the NHN Games Corporation, the South Korean game producer. C9 Online owns excellent game screen, a variety of game systems, excellent AI monsters, as well as a variety of stage environment that link with the player character.
    Great game with great mechanics, it has extremely fun to play C9 Online. Players enter the mysterious world of Tampera to wage war against evil forces. Fight hordes of menacing monsters, raid dungeon instances, and battle with other players in intense PvP combat. Rise from the ashes and become a hero in this instance based adventure.
    Good graphics and many classes in C9 Online are stongest points too. However, the fact that the game is dungeon based and gameplay is very repetitive (same combat and the fact that you have to repeat the same quests over and over in "different" difficulties) still makes you get bored in a while in my opinion. But anyway, definitely worth checking out!
    When play C9 Online, player can not only take practical skills, excellent equipment, and the player's operations are indispensable. Buy C9 Online Gold and C9 Powerleveling can really make game more enjoyable; players can not just take the C9 Online Gold to C9 game from the beginning. IGXE will always be your backup and support you the C9 Online Gold and C9 Online Power leveling.
  • Continent of the Ninth Seal News

Continent of the Ninth is also called as C9 or C9 Online. It is an entire 3D action-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and NHN Games Corporation of South Korea developed this game. C9 Online possesses the excellent game screen. It is a variety of the game methods, excellent AI monsters and a variety of stage setting linking the character player. Gold is the in-game currency of C9 Online. To develop the character with the proper weapons and armors, the gamer needs to have sufficient gold as gold is the exchanging item in the gameplay of C9 Online now. In grinding gold, the gamers often fail to pick up the expected amount of gold whereas grinding gold takes huge time. Other than frustration in the gameplay of C9 Online, the gamers can go for C9 Online Gold from IGXE in the most affordable cost to elevate his character toward the next level in the shortest period.

C9 online

behind the Ninth Seal
Continent of the Ninth Seal comes out as a free-to-play imaginary massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Webzan that depicts the players in the land of Blenheim to stop the evil Neper again from devastating the world. Neper has come back and he is armed with the fabled Sword of Hermes. Neper looks for a magical gate to the other worlds. A gate stays over the continent. It is the ninth continent of Blenheim. Neper likes to open it for applying the power of the world over the side of the game to conquest Blenheim. Now, it depends on the gamer along with the individuals of the Continent of the Ninth Seal to guard him.

In C9 Online, there are more than two-thousand quests being available and it is divided into master, expert, hard and normal. The newest feature is the Ruined Empire Expansion preview. Continent of the Ninth Seal or C9 recently expanded with the Ruined Empire. C9 is an action-depended massively online role-playing game that casts the players as heroes of the Glenheim continent taking a stand against Nefer that is to open the gate of the other world to call his followers. Based on the console-fashion precise direction, there is a variety of skill combos and powerful RPG base contents; C9 caters to the action devotees. However, there has the impressive characteristic for everybody. The gamers need the gold to procure the best available armors, weapons, and items. These sorts of things make the character become equipped. An equip character helps the player level up fast. When gold is scarce and the gamer cannot move forward, they can opt to buy C9 Online Gold from the professional online gaming house like, igxe.com.

There is a great game with the great mechanics and it does have very amusing to play C9 Online. The players can get into the strange world of Tampera to wage war against the evil strengths. It is to fight hordes of the menacing monsters, raid dungeons examples, and battle with the other players in forceful player versus player combat.

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