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  • Black Gold Online is a free-to-play MMORPG focused on the collision between steampunk and fantasy. Steam technology, such as steam-powered mechs, transport vehicles and anti-air cannons, blossom on the western continent. The opposing fantasy civilization, which covers the eastern continent, has flying dragons and battle-trained beasts. Players will be able to trigger more than 3,000 dynamic events and actions that can change the game world. Additionally, charaters will have the ability to change forms and drive giant armored mechs in combat, creating a variety of fun and different encounters for both PvE and PvP experiences.
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The in-game currency of Black Gold Online  Gold. To enrich the gameplay in the shortest possible time, the gamers can opt to purchase Black Gold Online Gold from igxe.com. Purchasing online gold helps the gamers save time and bypass the mental stress in grinding gold in the gameplay of Black Gold Online. Black Gold Online comes out as a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game and it brings the impact from steampunk and imaginary. The steam technology including the steam-powered mechs, anti-air cannons, transport vehicles, blossoms over the western continent. The challenging imaginary civilizations that cover the eastern continent possess the flying dragons and the battle-trained beasts. The players are to be able to activate the three-thousand more active occasions and actions that can alter the gaming world. In addition, the characters are to have the ability to alter the forms and it is to drive the giant armored mechs in combat while making a variety of amusement and diverse encounters for both Player versus Environment and Player versus Player experiences.

The developer of Age of Wushu, Snail Games developed Black Gold Online. It applies a modified edition of the engine of Age of Wushu. It characterizes a Steampunk versus nature theme. The steam-depended argue against the nature-loving Erlandir, and mechs. Moreover, the dragons are to take part in clashing in the epochal battles for all the vital black gold. From which the game has its name. While playing the game of Black Gold Online, the gamers can face the shortage of the in-game currency, gold; to overcome this situation, the gamers can purchase Black Gold Online in bartering of the real world money from the professional online gaming house, IGXE.

The creation of character

It is identical to Age of Wushu. Black Gold does have a huge amount of customization at making character. Many sliders can be used and there are many options to convert the character of the gamer into the distinctive one. While making the character, the gamer is also to select the faction and race of the character. It is to be picking one of the four of the existing races and class. It is being a huge amusement of both the steampunk and mech genres of fiction. In Isenhorst, there are nine classes to select form. However, there are some diverse names between two factions. They reflect each other mostly. These classes are the typical archetypes rouges, tanks, DPS, and support as well.

The types of achievement

The gamers can find out eight achievements including collections, social, instance, combat, adventure, energy well, distinctive and character. In Black Gold Online, the players can have achievements of the characters by leveling up, enhancing their might score, and becoming

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