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  • Aura Kingdom gold is the money of the online game Aura Kingdom, which is a free-to-play, anime-style fantasy MMORPG. It is also known as 'Fantasy Frontier Online', which is developed by X-Legend, and has been published by Aeria Games. The first time to be announced as free to play game was on 12 August 2013 at Otakon 2013, where were given beta key for this MMO game. The closed beta test for Aura Kingdom began on 23 December 2013 at approx. 8pm EST.

    Featuring eight classes that each has expansive skill trees and with the ability to multi-class, the Aura Kingdom returns to the roots of fun fantasy RPGs. Aura Kingdom has now begun its Open Beta testing phase now; the open beta test for Aura Kingdom began on 6 January 2014. All players were welcome to log into the game, it is a very nice thing to players.

    Aura Kingdom is free to play, but if players want to have better performance and level up easily and fast, then you will need some Aura Kingdom gold to help you. IGXE as a game gold, items, cdkey and powerleveling seller, will provide the best service for Aura Kingdom Gold and game tips to every customer, supply the game products with 100% handwork and offer the safe guaranteed.
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Prior to getting into the realm at liberty, the gamer is to familiarize him with the tools at his disposal. As a gamer, you are to know how to apply these tools. These will make you find out the unusual and worthy treasure. Conversely, it is to make navigate the dangerous lands of Azuria far simpler. Every tool does have a purpose; therefore, you are to make certain to know all these items. You should know how to gain the in-game currency of the game, Aura Kingdom gold. Alternatively, as a player you can also go for purchasing Aura Kingdom gold at the dependable online gaming house like igxe.com.

The consideration of mini-map
The Mini-Map is not only vital for making the gamer figure out the path adjoining the world of Azuria. However, it is to show off the significant information of the immediate adjoining also. The vital Non-Player Characters, boss monsters along with the other points are to be shown off for the gamer to spot. The aggressive monsters are to be displayed as the gamer can avoid them. The game can view the other maps of the world of Azuria from the window of the map. It is to navigate to anywhere in the world just with a click of a button. When there is the auto-way to the areas adjoining the map, the road of the game is to be shown off over the map. It is displaying rightly to the gamer in which the gamer can move to and it is to see how the gamer can be there. The in-game currency is a vital fact in the gameplay of Aura Kingdom. When you like to save time and seize the upper hand in the beginning, you can go for purchasing cheap Aura Kingdom gold at the professional online gaming house like IGXE to run well.

The quest listings
All quests are updated and appended to the tracker of the quest over the right side of the screen of the gamer. An entire quest list includes the finishing and accessible quests to be found over the quest window. The checking of these quests can help the gamer direct to the next significant location or monsters. NPC is required to advance the quest; hence, the gamer can reap the prizes. Having Aura Kingdom gold online helps the gamer level up their character fast. If you face difficulty to gain Aura Kingdom gold initially in the gameplay of Aura Kingdom, you can procure them fast online. The finishing of quests not only prizes the gamer including the items and experience; moreover, it advances the saga of the game in the land of Azuria. Some quests are also vital in unfastening the access to Eidolons of the gamer or the sub-class weaponry.

The accomplishment of Hunter
There are various confrontations along with the accomplishments in the World of Azuria. These are accessible toward the enthusiastic adventure. Some are just tougher to figure out than the others are. If the gamer comes across a particular attainment, it is to be integrated here for the game to examine.

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