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  • About Atlantica Online Products
  • Atlantica Online is a free Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG) with a turn based strategy fighting system. Atlantica Online was created by NDoors and officially launched on October 30th 2008. Atlantica Online was setup on 12th November 2008 with the goal of trying to provide the players with as much information as possible, to date we have added.
    The game is set in an alternate history Earth, the explorable regions including large parts of the world: Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and the mythical and name-giving continent of Atlantis. The setting is fantasy-themed with elements of steampunk and based upon mythological and historical events.
    Battle in Atlantica Online is rather unusual for the genre as it is turn-based.[citation needed] Representations of hostile parties wander around the landscape; if a player clicks on such a representation, his/her party and the enemy party are transferred to a separate battlefield similar in fashion to battles in console role playing games and remain there until the battle is resolved. The battle system also features a time limit for a player to make their move.
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The world of Atlantica Online characterizes the actual world areas blending with the mythological and imaginary ingredients. Atlantica Online comes out as a turn-depended strategic massively multiplayer online role-playing game where the player initially guesses the role of a descendant of the Atlantean inhabitants. The initial goal of the game is to look for the ancestral home to save the world from the effects of Oriharukon. Moreover, Gold is the in-game currency of Atlantica Online. Without gold, it becomes difficult for the gamers to run in the game. Thus, most of players go for Atlantica Online Gold from online store to save much money such as

The olden Atlanteans made Oriharukon, a kind of substance. Accomplishing this goal, the player has to embark on a journey that is spanning the globe and transcending time to look for the clues leading to the lost civilization.  There are the fighting individuals, monsters, and machines all the way that have been altered by the persuasion of Oriharukon. Atlantica Online comes out as a free-to-play, F2F gaming mode. It is also considered a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game and NDOORS Corporation developed this game. Based on the imaginary-themed history, it rotates around the history earth comprising a different blending of historical, cultural, figurative, and mythological ingredients. Initially, the gaming world is modeled after the actual-world geography with the accessible locations over the six of the seven continents and the legendary floating continent of Atlantis. The name of the game is derived from this fact. Due to this fact, the game attracts many gamers to play this game. So Atlantica Online Gold will be largely needed for gamers in the game. If the top thing you concern about is to save money, you can go to buy Atlantica Online Gold from

The player versus player combat, PvP in Atlantica Online occurs in two diverse league methods. It is the Free League and the later appended with Colosseum League. Player versus Player in both leagues occurs in the actual fighting method. It is nine times per day in a league and it is to open and offer the option to battle against the other players for one hour. If you want to win quickly in the battle, you can buy Cheap Atlantica Online Gold to make your character more powerfull, which is on sale at now.  Moreover, the aspects of the amusements via the battling intelligent opportunities and pitting the strength of one against the other players take place. The prizes also incorporate the expertise points, loot, and the particular titles that can be shown off with the name of one character.

Each weekend there appears a Weekly Championship where the greater prizes incorporate a special mount. Each month, the Grand Championship ensures the best player in PvP all through the servers of the region and it brings the best prizes. Atlantica Online Gold at helps the player procure the updated weapons and armors to decorate their character fast for taking part in the diverse missions and dungeons. There is a dungeon in Atlantica Online that is an instance region to be opened with a particular key and making three players maximally to clear the rivals of dungeon for an ultimate prize to the normal loot. The Independent Dungeons are usually known as IDs. They have a time restriction and their setting is normally tied to the region where the ID is situated.

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