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  • About Arcane Saga Online Products
  • IGXE offers the Arcane Saga Online Gold with a descent price. Arcane Saga Online, also called Prius Online, which was developed by CJ Games Global and released by Netmarble and Wasabii, it is a free-to-play fantasy massively multiplayer online role-play game (MMORPG). The game was originally launched in Korea in 2008, before being released internationally by gPotato in 2011. The game was relaunched in North America as Arcane Saga by Netmarble.The main feature of Arcane Saga is the 3C System, which allows the player to utilize three different characters. As the player progresses through the game, they will unlock the ability summon an Animia and Gigas. There are four playable races with unique abilities and play styles.

    Game players in Arcane Saga can get multiple jobs and learn numerous unique skills. The possibilities are truly endless. The job system provides players the freedom to become whomever they choose to be. Each job focuses on a specific role, such as damage, healing, tanking or player-versus-player (PvP) combat.

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  • Arcane Saga Online News

Arcane Saga Online is being retitiled and its past name was Pirus Online. It is a free-to-play 3D imaginary massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MMORPG and it rotates around a three-character playing method. The 3C method comprises the major character including the Anima and the Gigas. The players can go for Arcane Saga Gold at igxe.com to make the character adorn with the updated weapons and armors to level up fast. Purchasing Arcane Saga Gold seems wise when the gamer passes the hard time in grinding gold often. The companion of the character is the Anima. The gamer grows the linkage with her. It endeavors to unknot the mysteries of her forgotten previous time. It is to ensure her persona and enhance the bonds of the gamer. The Anima summoned the Gigas in the fighting time. Gigas are tactical and active mercenaries that battle with the side of the gamer. Via this method, the gamer aims to make rich and immersive emotional experiences for the character along with the Anima. The gamers can buy Arcane Saga Gold from igxe.com now to take part in the missions and wars.

It was actually released only for Korea in 2008. gPotato in 2011 released internationally. gPotato terminated the service on 27 March 2012. The game has been terminated during 17 December 2013 in South Korea. Arcane Saga Online is now accessible on Steam and it is free to play. Arcane Saga is depicted on Pirus and Rashard cursed a planet. Rashard is the king of all gods for its defiance of creator. Pirus now looks forward to a predicted hero. It is the Xenor to ascend and free the world from the grip of Rashard. Turning out to be the Xenor, the gamer is to have to jump into the battle and it is to prove the gamer valuable. It is to endeavor to get into the Arcane Saga and start gaining the experience of MMOs. It is to meet brutal, face the paced combat in an immersive gaming world. It is to gain Anima. It is a sprit seeking the enchanted Xenor and develops together in power and distinction. The players can buy Arcane Saga Gold in the most affordable cost to move upward in the gameplay of Arcane Saga. The major trait of Arcane Saga is the 3C method. It makes the player use three diverse characters. As the player develops via the game, they are to release the ability summoning an Animia and Gigas. There are four playable races with the distinctive abilities and playing fashion.

The races are Hume, Gunsligner, lon, ayin, and Beriah. The occultists indicate that it controls the essence of ice and fire ingredients. They are to move forward to the Archimage or the Mastermind class. The gunslighter are the specialists at the ranged-fighting. It is effective at closer range and the greater distance. It is to see whether they can go forward to the Sharpshooter or Duelist class. Under the Lon, the berserker indicates that there are the skille fighters of brute force. It is to see whether they can go to Sentinel or Juggernaut class. The players can go for buy Arcane Saga Gold at the online store, igxe.com now.

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