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  • IGXE are offering cheap Aika Online Gold or Aika Gold to our clients, Aika Power Leveling included too. We offer a highly quality Aika Gold service of cheap and safe. As a specialized, professional and reliable website for gold provider, we furnish the Aika Online gold for our long-term and loyal customers and new customers. If you want to be the most powerful in game, you need our help to improve powerful. Aika Online is optimized for large scale Nation Wars where thousands of players can fight at one time in massive combat. Aika Online has three overall class types (Melee Fighters, Ranged DPS and Spellcasters) and six different classes (Warriors, Paladin, Riflemen, Dual Gunner, Warlock and Cleric). The classes are gender locked, each with their own unique set of skills and specific specialties. Take on missions and create your own character now. And then you can freely go to attack and kill other players from other nations. Want to be more powerful? it will be much easier with heaps of Aika gold from IGXE.
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AIKA Online comes out as a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Two publishers including HanbitSoft and Gala Inc. released this game, Aika Online. The players can buy Aika Gold at the professional online gaming house, in the most affordable cost, as Gold is the in-game currency in the game of Aika Online. Aika characterizes the capabilities of Player versus Player, PvP and there are more than thousand quests along with the average massively multi-player traits including dungeon running and crafting. The game is maximized for large scale Nation Wars in which the thousands of players can take part in fighting at one time in an immense combat. The players can go for battling for directing over their nations while a castle siege is going on. It is to invade the rival nations to arrest their magical artifacts. In addition, it is take part in the diverse of outstanding efforts of Player versus Player in the battleground. Moreover, the players can figure out Aika Gold online in the most affordable cost at IGXE.

The saga in Aika online
The great goddess Aika made the world of Arcan to turn out to be a utopia for its residents. The first creation of her was the Scinic. A kind and gentle race are concerned for the land. Conversely, the Scinic race does not have any purpose in life. They asked the goddess for their survival to finish in sorrow. The gamers can buy Aika Gold cheap online now. The goddess funded their wish. It is to be considering their aspiration. Considering, the good-natured Scinic race were too superior. She made the Human race where it was a harmonization of high quality and wickedness. It made them to flourish.

As the time elapsed, the human ambition directed to devastate the land. It is greatly irritating the goddess. She made a race of demons known as Zereca that illustrated from her powers to punish the humans. On the other hand, she deeply apologized for this action when Zereca nearly caused the extinction of the human race. Salvaging her second formation, she narrated the Human prophet Giovanni to accumulate his individual toward a region known as Lakia. Aika Gold is available at now. Therefore, she elevated the land of Lakia into the sky with the last of her strength.  Akia separates the player-base into the five factions or nations for the purpose of Player versus Player, PvP. The professional online gaming house, offers Aika Gold in the most affordable cost.

Five factions include Ostyrion, Vanov, Lenaria, Alethius, and Feonir. Every nation does have its own flag. However, it shares the identical map and fixes the quests. The gamer begins with the nation-less and finally the gamer turns out to be a citizen of a nation by finishing a quest at the level of ten. The players can pass through from the nation to nation by applying the rift in Rhawn Crossroads. The players can also invade freely and slay the other players from other nations. There are three overall class kinds and six diverse classes in Aika Online. There are the classes that are gender locked. Each one does have their distinctive amount of skills and particular specialties. The Melee fighters include male warriors and female Paladin. The ranged DPS covers male riflemen and female dual gunner. The spellcasters incorporate female Cleric and male Warlock.

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